There are different types of cases that a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte NC can handle. When you enlist the attorney, you expect them to do their best and prepare a solid criminal defense strategy. Their goal will be to obtain the fairest outcome possible from your criminal prosecution.


Here are some of the cases a criminal defense attorney can handle:




You will need to hire criminal lawyers charlotte nc if you're being accused of theft of assets, usually money or property, that you were responsible for by virtual of your position in an organization. This crime usually is committed within a corporate or employment environment.


Simple Assault


Simple assault in NC is the crime you may be accused of committing if you attempted to cause serious physical trauma to someone else. Likewise, causing someone to be afraid of immediate physical harm is also simple assault. The crime does not involve physical contact with the complainant. However, when serious physical harm has been caused to an individual, the charge in that case is aggravated assault.


Involuntary Manslaughter


An involuntary manslaughter lawyer is the type that handles criminal cases bordering on unintentional killing. Someone is accused of involuntary manslaughter if they allegedly killed someone out of recklessness or criminal negligence rather than premeditation or prior planning. Any unintentional killing resulting from a misdemeanor or substantially low-level felony, such as intoxication while driving, is also involuntary manslaughter.For more facts and information about criminal defense attorneys you can go to


Voluntary Manslaughter


 Voluntary manslaughter is where the killing is intentional, but not a murder case. For example, John discovers Mathew is having an affair with his wife, he's distraught and chooses to drinks his anger away at a local bar. While in the heat of the moment, John runs into Mathew and kills him in a "crime of passion," committing voluntary manslaughter.


First Degree Murder


First degree murder is when someone is accused of the unlawful killing of another, willfully and with premeditation. In other words, the accused committed the crime after planning or waylaying the victim. A first degree murder attorney can help the accused handle their case in a court of law. In the above example of John and Mathew, the former would be charged with murder if he waited several days after discovering the affair before killing the latter.



A criminal defense attorney in Charlotte NC can save the day when you're facing the harshest of outcomes for your criminal prosecution. Always get in touch with the attorney as soon as you know what your charges are. Learn about common law robbery here!