Criminal lawyers in Charlotte, NC aren't any different from criminal defense attorney charlotte nc anywhere else in the United States. They deal with the same sorts of cases and the same sorts of defendants. If you recently learned you're facing criminal charges of any kind, you need to find a legal counselor who can help you before your first court date. Using a public defender could end badly for you, so it's important to find a legal specialist who specifically understands situations like the one you're in.


As you read the next several paragraphs of this guide, you'll see details about some of the most common fields of specialty that exist within the criminal law world. These are, of course, just a few areas of specialization you might run across as you research criminal lawyers in Charlotte, NC. If you don't see anything that describes your case here, don't fret. You'll simply need to do some additional research when you're done reading.


Murder Is the Most Serious Charge


Willingly taking the life of another person is an extremely serious thing to do. If you've been charged with murder, you must thoroughly research all of the best murder lawyers in your area to figure out which professional best meets your needs. Murder cases are often difficult to win, so it's imperative for your attorney to have a solid win-loss record and background you can trust. Know about the criminal defense attorney definition here!


Sometimes, murder charges are reduced to manslaughter before a defendant's trial even starts. If this happens in your case, you should still be able to keep the same attorney you already hired. If, however, you are initially charged with manslaughter, a manslaughter lawyer will be able to assist you best. These legal counselors understand the discrepancies that exist between manslaughter charges and murder charges.


Embezzlement Is a Dangerous Game



Whether you own a company and you were taking some of the profits for personal use or you were stealing money from a business that employed you, embezzlement is a risky game to play. Since you're reading this guide, it's fairly apparent that you were caught and you are now facing the consequences of your actions. An embezzlement attorney should be able to help you build a case and, hopefully for you, get you off without prison time. Many white collar criminals, such as embezzlers, are sentenced to community service, probation, or house arrest.If you want to learn more about criminal defense attorneys, you can visit